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Eternal terrorThe Monster WithinEnglish
MetalTemple.comThe Monster WithinEnglish
PowerOfMetal.DKThe Monster WithinEnglish
Myrevelations.deThe Monster WithinEnglish
Spirit-of-Metal.comA World DestroyerEnglish
mediamikes.comA World DestroyerEnglish
metalunderground.comA World DestroyerEnglish
metal-observer.comA World DestroyerEnglish
seaoftranquility.orgA World DestroyerEnglish
Metal RulesA World DestroyerEnglish
Metal-Nose.orgOut Of Body ExperienceEnglish
Metalmoments.netLive in CopenhagenEnglish
MetalCosmos.comOut Of Body ExperienceEnglish
RockfreaksOut of Body ExperienceEnglish
Metal CovenantOut of Body ExperienceEnglish
Metal InvaderTil Death Do Us ApartEnglish
Metal CovenantLive @ Swedish Metal ExpoEnglish
Metal CovenantTil Death Do Us ApartEnglish

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RocknyttThe Monster WithinSwedish
AccessrockThe Monster WithinSwedish
Critical MassOut Of Body ExperienceSwedish
Music StageLive @ Debaser MedisSwedish
Twist MagazineLive @ Debaser MedisSwedish
ArtRockOut Of Body ExperienceSwedish
We RockOut of Body ExperienceSwedish
Plaskis.seDegradead Christmas ShowSwedish
Plaskis.seLive @ Pub AnchorSwedish
Plaskis.seTil Death Do Us ApartSwedish
MestRock.seTil Death Do Us ApartSwedish
Get MetalTil Death Do Us ApartSwedish
MetalguidenTil Death Do Us ApartSwedish
We RockTil Death Do Us ApartSwedish
Trelleborgs AllehandaTil Death Do Us ApartSwedish
Rock HarderTil Death Do Us ApartSwedish

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BleedingFor MetalThe Monster WithinGerman
rock-garage-magazineThe Monster WithinGerman
Powermetal.deThe Monster WithinGerman
MetalnewsThe Monster WithinGerman
heavyhardes.deThe Monster WithinGerman
ffm-rock.deThe Monster WithinGerman
Myrevelations.deThe Monster WithinGerman
musicheadquarter.deThe Monster WithinGerman
Underground EmpireOut Of Body ExperienceGerman
My RevelationOut of Body ExperienceGerman
Metal-inside.deTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
Metalnews.deTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
TerrorverlagTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
Heavy HarderTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
Whiskey-SodaTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
Open HellTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
IdioglossiaTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
MetalviecherTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
My RevelationsTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
Metal GloryTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
Power MetalTil Death Do Us ApartGerman
The PitTil Death Do Us ApartGerman

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Metalfan.nlTil Death Do Us ApartDutch
Zwere MetalenTil Death Do Us ApartDutch